Walla Walla Washington Wine Country Is A Great Place To Live In 2018

Dated: 01/31/2018

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I like wine it tastes good with steak, but I know nothing about it until I spent a weekend in Washington's gorgeous grape belt (you can thank me later tourism board,).  Located about 3 hours south of my office here at the Kelly Right corporate HQ in Spokane is the town so nice they named it twice, WALLA WALLA. Say that three times fast.  World renowned for its wine country and secretly cherished as a great place to call home, Walla Walla is in the southeastern region of Washington. The city is approximately four-and-a-half hours away by car from Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, and only thirteen miles north of the Oregon border, making it an incredibly convenient place to live. Downtown Walla Walla is restored with funky bookstores, cute shops and restaurants. Quiet residential streets and multiple nature parks give this small city a very great quality. Expect nothing less than the best from Walla Walla, Washington: 


  • Say goodbye to traffic! Everything in Walla Walla, Washington is nearby. You’ll be surrounded by wheat fields, vineyards and farmland. You can also see the Blue Mountains! Experience the snow capped tops in Fall or early Spring. Hiking, skiing and looking at wildlife are just a couple things you can do on the Blue Mountains. Palouse Falls is nearby as well, and a must see! The waterfall view is to die for.

  • There’s always something to do in Walla Walla, Washington. Bicycling, golfing, visiting historic sights like The Cameo Heights Mansion, going to Fort Walla Walla Museum, visiting Whitman College, going to farmer’s markets and so much more! There are always tons of options for wine tasting and vineyard tours (since there’s over 100!) You’ll never be bored in a city like this!

  • Walla Walla Public Schools are rated above average. This includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, one traditional high school, and one alternative high school. There is also Homelink, an alternative K-8 education program which is a hybrid of home schooling and public school programs. There are several private schools in the area as well.

  • The town of Walla Walla will make you feel welcome. The people are kind, and you can thank the small town vibe for that. Living in this city of 32,132, you’ll feel like everyone there is a friend, making it the perfect place to raise a family.  Mom-and-pop restaurants and small business’ are all over too!

  • The climate of Walla Walla is also ideal. Being in eastern Washington, Walla Walla has quite a different climate than Seattle. It is colder in winter and much drier, summers are also warmer. The average January temperature is in the mid thirties, while average July temperatures are in the low seventies.

  • The food and drinks in Walla Walla are phenomenal. At the Walla Walla Roastery, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and walk to the back of the cafe to see where coffee beans are freshly roasted each day. The Walla Walla Food Truck Night comes on the first Monday of the month from April to October, and has 15 local food trucks that come out to tantalize the taste buds. There’s also the Walla Walla Bread Company, which doubles as a sit-down restaurant serving up eggs and pancakes in the morning and switching to pizza and steaks at night. Those are just a few to name, but there are tons of more great tastes to sample!

Washington Wine Country, Walla Walla, is such a spectacular place to live! Whether you’re here for the wine, attractions, schools or food, there’s something for everyone. And when you’re ready to move to Walla Walla, Kelly Right has you you covered.Search for Walla Walla listings here then contact an amazing KRRE agent from Walla Walla Metro Area office click here. You may also call me if you have any questions, hell I may even meet you for a glass of wine.

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