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Dated: 06/13/2018

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Smells like "Smokey bbq rib"  Spirit.

You can make this smokey rib recipe in a house with a mouse, on a train in the rain and on acreage with a partridge. :)


- 2-6 lb Rack of Ribs- Your choice meat my NW Hunters

-Spice Rub - I recommend Yoke's BBQ pork rub.. it goes with any meat style rib.

- 1 tblspn Liquid Smoke

-6 Jalapenos

-Your favorite bbq sauce 

-Aluminum foil

- 1 tblpsn Olive oil 

- Slow burning heal source


- Clean ribs of all fat and membranes

- Coat with spice rub

-Wrap and seal in tin foil

- Place over low heat source for 4-6 hours depending on heat source: Approx 210-240 degrees will vary from 4-6 hours cook time.

- Remove and let set for 20 minutes wrapped.

- Place rack over open heat source and coat with sauce 2-5 minutes. Same time add jalapenos rubbed with olive oil and spice rub.  Look for a nice sear of flavor and sauce. Remove ribs when seared and jalapenos when lightly charred. 

-Cut slowly into individual ribs and rub sauce with liquid smoke added to sauce on one more time lightly.

Eat and enjoy.  :) 


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