Real Estate Rental Value In A Spokane Ugly Duck

Dated: 02/08/2018

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If it walks like a duck it ....    well you know how the saying goes. 

Turns out for investors the louder the duck sounds in the current distressed real estate market, the greater the potential there is to return some amazing rental profits. 

The secret is where to find these ducks. 

In years past Spokane investors had a plenty of foreclosure, REO, HUD, Fanny Mae etc  you name it, foreclosure listings to pitch their choosing from. 

In 2018 it’s harder to find that rare gem to buy, fix up and then turn a profit on through rents. 

But theres’s still Real Estate deals to be found.

5 Spokane Real a Estate investor tips are: 1. Use a local credible Real Estate expert who specializes in finding the “ducks”. 2. Offer low and don’t’ negotiate. 3. Offer often and to multiple listings. 4. Know your rate of return. 5.  And Be informed of nitch market neighborhood trends. 

So if it walks like a duck.... there’s still great money to be made in The Spokane Real Estate market for investors. 

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