Pocket The Profits The Secrets To Selling Your Maple Leaf Home In Seattle Above The Asking Price

Dated: 04/04/2018

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Pocket the Profits: The Secrets to Selling Your Maple Leaf Home in Seattle above the Asking Price

We all want to sell our homes at above asking price, but what is it that makes a seller succeed at this? Here's our expert advice on how you can sell your home above the asking price. 

Be careful not to overprice your home

Homes for sale in Seattle's Maple Leaf neighborhood

You may be surprised but pricing your home on the lower side of the market value can have an extremely positive effect on the offers you receive.  This is because a lower-priced listing will stand out and will draw more attention, which boosts your chance of a bidding war. 

By attracting more buyers to come and look at your home in Maple Leaf, you will find more buyers who are willing to make an offer on your property.  When they view your home, they will see its true market value, and are then more likely to make a higher offer in hopes of outbidding others.  It's all about creating hype, and a low asking price will do just that.

Wait It Out

While it may be tempting to accept the first offer that comes along, it is usually better to wait and see what other offers come in.  If you accept the first offer on your property you have closed the door to competition, and competing offers are what spark bidding wars which, ultimately, are what will lead you to receive more than asking.

Have a Buyer’s Profile in Mind

Is your home better suited towards traditional buyers, or is it a valuable property for investors?  If your home could easily be renovated and flipped, has high potential as an income property, or is in an up-and-coming neighborhood, it may be better marketed as an incredible investment property. 

Investors expect a return on the money that they spend so are often more willing to make a higher offer - they know those funds will come right back to them.

Rock Your Renos

There are several simple renovations that can add a huge amount of value to your Maple Leaf home.  The return on investment for a few small upgrades is often very worthwhile when your goal is to receive more than asking price.

Make sure the flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms in your home are updated and appealing, and if not, consider upgrading these areas first.  If you're targeting investors, adding an income suite to your property may be the best investment you can make.  Consider which kind of buyer you're targeting and what areas of your home need the most TLC and choose accordingly.

Searching for a home in the Maple Leaf Neighborhood? See what’s available.

For more specific information on selling your Maple Leaf home or to receive a FREE market analysis contact Adrian Willanger-Broker 206 909-7536 with Kelly Right Real Estate

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