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At Story Formed Realty, a division of Kelly Right, we are seeking to transform the Real Estate process, one story at a time.

Please take the 3 MINUTES to read this post.

I had a touching letter sent to me by a client named Jim. I would be lying if I didn't get emotional when I read it.

I worked with him to find a house he could "ride off into the sunset in" (his words, LOL) A retired, disabled veteran, his story was amazing. Coming under heavy fire in Vietnam. Stationed in more bases and countries than he could count (though I be he could...). Homeless and living in a small trailer on a friends piece of land. Broken and healed relationships. Community organizer, Veteran's advocate. Fascinating to learn some of his story, the tales that MADE him who he was.
But you know what he was truly desiring? It WASN'T just a HOUSE, it never is. He wanted a place where he could be away from the rat race, a place he could retreat to, work on his cars, and have peace. A place where he could lay down roots.
Isn't this what we all long for? What we are all hardwired to desire?

What is YOUR STORY? What are YOU wanting in a new house, whether it is a new chapter with buying, or closing the current story by selling?

Here is Jim's letter:
During the period of one year between 2016 and 17, I became homeless and desperately looked for a home and/or property to settle on. I went to several realtors, and to my disappointment, they either never called back and/or were showing me property and homes that were either above my pay grade or were in a shape below my dignity.

Except for one: Matt Bayley at Story Formed Realty. Matt meticulously felt my highs and lows, and then narrowed down what I was looking for and could afford. Matt's approach and attitude in this search was as if he was looking for this for himself. He spent much time and and calls until "we" (like teamwork) found a home that was reasonable and affordable.

Without any ado, Matt's consistence and perseverance helped me in my success in finding a home and went above and beyond his Realtor responsibilities to achieve this goal. 

It's been now over 90 days and I couldn't be happier. Out of all the Realtors that I've dealt with Matt Bayley stands above reproach from all the others.

Thank you Matt,


THIS is what makes it all worth it. 

Call me and we can talk about your story and how I can be a part of that at (509) 724-9571.


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STORY FORMED REALTY LLC | Matthew Bayley, Broker Kelly Right Real Estate

Our lives are a story. Our past shapes our present. Our present plots the course of our future. The good and bad all mix to make us who we are. At Story Formed Realty, we view the process of buying....

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