Kelly Right Offers The One Platform Agents Need To Survive In The Digital Age

Dated: 01/31/2018

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Kelly Right Real Estate arms themselves for the future.

KvCore, Inside Real Estate's powerful all-in-one platform

KvCore available from Kelly Right Real Estate

    Brokerages face a firing line of technology heading into 2018 because of this forward thinking independent firms such as Kelly Right real estate are firing back. While many brokerages are forced to cobble together systems from different eras that integrate with each other to varying degrees. Kelly Right joins other tech savvy firms, eXp Realty and Pinnacle Estate Services that have integrated Inside Real Estates powerful all inclusive platform, KvCore.

Inside Real Estate built the kvCORE platform to solve this challenge, to serve all a brokerage’s needs, and those of its teams and agents, in one complete system: professional online lead gen, a customizable website and landing pages, a smart CRM that leverages behavior and predictive analytics to optimize and automate follow-up, and back-office reporting. It also features a marketplace with API integrations with other vital broker tools such as transaction management tech dotloop and SkySlope.

In an age when brokerages find it difficult to provide value to agent teams under their umbrella, kvCORE does this for them in spades. Through sub accounts, it gives their teams the full power of the platform, including all the marketing, reporting and lead-routing capabilities it offers.

Features of the kvCORE platform:

  • Integrated platform with lead gen, website, next-gen CRM and reporting. The platform features a WordPress plugin, which allows users to fully customize their websites.

  • Sub accounts allow brokerages to give their teams and agents full power of the platform.

  • Next-gen CRM with behavioral and predictive analytics designed to help agents convert more business from new leads and sphere of influence.

  • Automated marketing tools provide messaging to contacts based on behavior.

  • Agent mobile app recommends daily tasks to agents.

The digital lead generation platform Kunversion, which Inside Real Estate purchased a little over a year ago, powers the platform’s lead gen. But kvCORE’s next-gen CRM is perhaps the system’s highlight; it’s built to intelligently nurture both new leads and all the contacts in agents’ databases.

By tracking user website behavior and engagement with email and text message marketing, and merging that data with third-party financial information and other data about consumers, the firm rates contacts on their likelihood to transact, and surfaces the hottest leads everyday to agents’ kvCORE mobile app.

Based on contact data, the app also recommends tasks, calls agents should make each day and highlights the contacts who have been active on the site recently. This behavioral automation helps drive adoption among agents, as effectively using the platform doesn’t require digging into a back-end system. They just open the mobile app and go.

When agents choose to call leads through the mobile app dialing system, the app presents a brief contact overview and highlights the data or behavior that triggered each lead’s “hot-lead” status to facilitate productive conversations.

The kvCORE platform also includes marketing automation features such as providing text messages and emails agents should send contacts based on their site behavior (how and when they engaged with an agent’s listings, for example) and response to emails.

While agents increase their lead conversion and become more efficient, Kelly Right leverages the platform’s backend to analyze their business, including deals, leads, agent performance and more. Dashboards allow team leaders and brokers to review real-time performance by office, team and agent and other segments and to manage their fast growing roster of agents.

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