Its A Great Time To Sell Your Home So Why Are Their Not More Homes On The Market

Dated: 02/27/2018

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$54,000 was the average profit margin for sellers at the end of 2017. 

Selling a home in this market is easy...  it’s finding a home that’s not.

The lack of availability has driven home prices up leading to bidding wars and homes selling above asking price.

Good news for sellers but it’s tough when they then become buyers.

And there’s just not enough new homes to keep up with demand.

Buyers may also soon be facing higher interest rates as they are expected to rise this year.

With all that being said if you’re thinking to sell earlier in the year maybe best. 

We are at a ten year high meaning sellers are bringing an average return on investment of nearly 30%.

And it’s always best to purchase when interest rates are still low.

For a fast free home valuation, to see what you could potentially net click here now. 

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