4 Reasons Why Your Bonney Lake Home Isnt Selling

Dated: 10/02/2018

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4 Reasons Why Your Bonney Lake Home Isn't Selling


Selling your house can be hard. Emotionally, because it's become your home, but also economically. If your home isn't selling, there are usually specific reasons – which means there are ways to amend them and make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Here's a short list of reasons why your home might be stalling on the market. 

You Didn't Spread the Net Wide Enough 

No longer is it enough for a sign on your front lawn and word of mouth to carry the brunt of your marketing. With the world moving increasingly online, you need to address social media when advertising your home. Real Estate Broker Adrian Willanger can’t stress enough the value of good pictures.  When doing social marketing you want to have the best photos of your listing possible. You may not get a second chance to get the views attention with a bad photo.

Move-in ready home for sale in Bonney Lake

You Didn't Make Your Home A Blank Slate 

People on the hunt for a new home want to be able to picture themselves in the house or condo they're being shown. This means your house need to be a blank slate. If there are idiosyncratic rooms, paint them neutral colors and keep the furnishings simple. Remove personal items from all areas being shown photos, achievements, etc. Open up the space by moving furniture out first.


You Are Not Available Enough – Or Are Too Available.


Potential buyers can be easily discouraged before they even get into your home. Make sure your house is accessible for as many viewings as you can manage – even at odd hours – to accommodate them. But you should not go to the showing itself. Having the previous owner around hinders people's ability to assess the home objectively – because they know it's not objective for you. That discomfort can lead to them not asking the questions they needed to, and being deterred from the purchase.


You Didn't Talk To The Buyers That Walked


It's inevitable – there will always be buyers that are interested but unwilling to make the final commitment, so use those buyers to your advantage. If you can, reach out and ask what made them turn away. There could be external factors (literally, elements outside your home) that negatively impact a buyer's decision. If you learn that – from almost-buyers, or even from your neighbors – you'll be able to find a fix or adjust the price accordingly.


If your home is listed but not selling, sometimes it can feel like it's the universe rising against you. But often there are concrete reasons and simple solutions to get your home's appeal up.  

And remember, in the end, the best way to find out why your house isn't selling contact Adrian Willanger (206 909-7536) at Kelly Right Real Estate for a fresh approach to marketing and selling.



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