3 Ps That Will Help You Sell Your Victory Heights Home In 14 Days Or Less

Dated: 04/03/2018

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3 Ps That Will Help You Sell Your Victory Heights Home in 14 Days or Less

It doesn't matter where you live, what kind of home you have or what time of year it is. If you're looking to sell your home quickly, you'll neeImage titled to do a better job than other local homeowners who are competing against you. Try these top three tips to secure a sale within 14 days.

1) Presentation

When it comes to selling your home, looks are everything.  If the appearance of your Victory Heights home is impressive, it will be more inviting to potential buyers.  Remove any items that make the home distinctly yours, such as family photos, kids' toys, or personal items.  Ensure that every space is meticulously clean and clutter free to demonstrate that it is a well-kept property. 

It is also extremely beneficial to neutralize the design of your home.  Maybe you love the red walls in your living room or the fluffy pink area rug in your bedroom, but this doesn't leave much room for others' imagination.  Make your home a blank canvas upon which buyers can project their own idea of a dream home.

2) Pricing

While everyone would love to sell their property for more than market value, inflating your asking price could delay a sale.  Research the asking prices of comparable properties in your neighborhood and consult a reputable real estate professional for advice. 

There are several other strategies you can use to price your home for a quick sale.  Psychologically, certain prices are more attractive to buyers even if there's a marginal difference; a home priced at $599,000 is more attractive than a home that's priced at $600,000.  Although there's a marginal difference between these two prices, the home that's priced just under the century mark will likely sell quicker and likely get much more activity from local brokers.

3) Product

One of the best ways to make your home stand out from the competition is to offer something that no one else is.  Whether it's high-quality photos or a video tour of your home, your listing can provide viewers with a unique look at your property that encourages them to become attached to it right away.

Several other incentives can be offered to help you close quickly, such as including home appliances and transferring your warranties over to the buyer.  You can also offer to cover yard and garden care for a few months just long enough for the new owners to get settled in their new home.

Need more advice on how to sell your home within 14 days?  Contact Adrian Willanger 206 909-7536 at Kelly Right Real Estate to learn more about custom solutions for selling your home.

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