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Dated: 05/16/2019

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You're driving down the street and you see that FOR SALE sign in the yard of that beautiful home and it gets you thinking... "can I buy a home?" Now the seed is planted and you go home and you start researching how to buy a house. 

The Search of how to buy a house

First thing you will probably see is a bunch of lending ads. But why? Because this is seriously the first step you need to take. Go and see if you qualify for a home loan and how much you qualify for. I know, I know the dreaded but they will  pull my credit thought. Let me ask you this; why do you have credit? Sure it's cool to say I have a good credit score, but what are you going to do with that? You have a credit score so people will lend to you... lend you money for a house!!!! 

Get credit checked by a professional

Okay, so you've decided you're gonna talk to a lender, but now we have to decide what lender. Your bank is a pretty safe place to start, you did after all trust them to hold onto your money. But before you go in there I want you to remember... they are offering you a service. This is an interview. They want your business and you're smart enough to know that you're not just gonna go for any loan, you're gonna go for the best loan that works for you. So, you interview your bank and you just don't feel completely satisfied with what they offered you... well guess what, now you get to go shopping for a loan. You can get referrals from friends, you can go to other banks and credit unions or you can go to a mortgage company. 

Once you make your choice on where you will go now it's time to pull that credit. This is important. Now, let's say they pull your credit and it's not quite where they need it to be for the loan. What then? Well if you went with a lender that truly cares about their customers they are going to help you. This will either mean they will guide you on how to improve your credit or they will send you to a credit repair establishment. I understand this isn't the news you wanted but this is a starting point and all great adventures have a starting point. Do not be discouraged, instead be MOTIVATED. Set that goal and Reach it. I promise, it will be worth it. I don't think I have ever heard a home owner say... "Jeez, I really wish I could just start renting again." So when I say it will be worth it, I mean it.


Okay, now let's say you did get pre approved, CONGRATS, now the fun part starts. You get to pick a REALTOR, one who is going to take care of you and guide you through this home buying adventure, I know a pretty good one if you need a referral. But seriously, it is so important to go with someone you can trust. You want to know that who you pick to represent you will truly do that. Don't take it lightly when you pick one. They should be honored that you choose to go with them, I know I would be. So, pick that REALTOR and start shopping for your home~sweet~home.

If you have any questions on where to start please feel free to email me at kari@shoshonefallsrealty.com. I absolutely love what I do and helping people. If you're ready to start shopping feel free to use my website... https://kariannculver.kellyrightrealestate.com/index.php

Kari Ann Culver 

Shoshone Falls Realty with Kelly Right Real Estate


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