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About Caitlynd

As the 3rd generation to become a real estate agent in my family, I was just born to do this! Growing up on ranches and farms, it just makes sense that I specialize in Ranch & Farm Real Estate. My grandparents had a ranch and were breeders of quarter horses and welsh ponies. The other grandfather was a cattle rancher turned agricultural farmer, growning peaches, nectarines, and apricots. Grandma decided she was interested in real estate, so she took her background in farming, ranching, and rural living and became the top agent in state of Oregon for Farms and Ranches. Grandma shared her love of the real estate profession with my mother and my aunt, and they both became Real Estate Agents. And they in turn, shared their career love with me, so I’m so proud to carry on the tradition, and I’m genuinely in love with real estate.

As the most recent addition to the Real Estate profession, I have been Licensed in Washington State since 2013. I have completed rigorous training in the art of Contract Negotiations, Washington State Legalities for Real Estate, and Farm & Ranch specific Marketing and Sales information.

The first agency I worked with was brought to me by my friend Jill, whom inspired me to come to the agency. While I was there, I learned a lot from Jill in the area of First Time Buyers; and the unique challenges related to working with them. I really enjoyed working with first time buyers because you just know you’re helping someone fulfill a dream; and as an agent, you can’t help to not be inspired by something like that. After learning how to serve my first time buyer clients, I then decided to expand my education and experience.

The next agency I started working is Keller Williams, the largest Real Estate agency in the world, and they specialized in Residential & Commercial. What drew me to Keller Williams is the Educational opportunities they have available to Agents. Their tools for growing the new agent, or the new Real Estate business are expansive. While there, I took the following courses:

Ignight – 156 hour cours - 8 week course on marketing real estate listings, how to prepare your listing presentation, making your clients’s home the most presentable to the market it can be.

Comparative Market Analysis – 8 hour class. How to find the value of a home, and determine the best listing price for a home, balancing maximum price with competitive pricing for your market.

Business Planning Clinic - 36 hour class. Teaching how to strategically plan your 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year goals. Everyone has dreams, but very few have spent the time to create a roadmap of how to get to that dream. This class gives you the tools to make a road map to get to your dreams.

All of this training and education has landed me right where I need to be, at Kelly Right Real Estate. Kelly Right Real Estate was founded by a real estate agent who was frustrated with the formulaic restriction of large real estate agencies that maximized profits for the agency, sometimes at the expense of the customer’s comfort level. Kelly Right is structured in such a way that your real estate agent (ME!!) spends his/her time working for her clients, not for the real estate agency.

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